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The Illinois Fatherhood Initiative (IFI) honors and celebrates fathers each year on many occasions.  Founded in 1997, the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative (IFI) is recognized as the first statewide not-for-profit fatherhood organization in the United States and has since its inception found yearly and ongoing opportunities to honor fathers.  Building upon its mission of "connecting children and fathers" by promoting responsible fathering and helping equip men to become better fathers or father-figures, a signature celebration of fatherhood comes with the annual statewide Illinois Fatherhood Initiative/White Sox Fatherhood Essay contest.  The IFI also celebrates fathers at their annual Fall Fatherhood Celebration Luncheon.


The Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood and Fathers Who Care sponsor an annual symposium to celebrate fatherhood called, Fathers Who Care.  The 2010 symposium, the 10th Anniversary is called Expo for Today's Man focusing on health, education, family and prosperity.  The event is done in collaboration with Congressman Danny K Davis, Senator Kimberly A Lightford and Senator Rickey Hendon.





The mission at Urban Ventures is to break the cycle of generational poverty in one community of south Minneapolis. Family Time (fathering program) starts the motor running to complete this task. Getting men that have had addiction, domestic abuse, and criminal problems to become healthy positive members of society and leaders of their families. link to agency website

Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota's FATHER Project offers services for low-income, non-custodial dads to help them support their children financially, emotionally and physically.  At the FATHER Project we believe that the positive involvement of both parents is important to the healthy development of children and increases their chances of leading a safe, happy childhood and growing into mature adults. Since 1999 the FATHER Project has been changing lives for Minnesota fathers and their families. The word "FATHER" in the FATHER Project name stands for: Fostering Actions To Help Earnings and Responsibility. The Father Project also offers a leadership program to develop Citizen Fathers, Parenting Group Faciliators and Mentors. link to project website

Minnesota Fathers & Families Network enhances healthy father-child relationships by promoting initiatives that inform public policy and further develop the field of fatherhood practitioners statewide. For professionals committed to understanding and promoting healthy fatherhood, MFFN is the state’s premier center for training, research dissemination, and policy leadership.


MFFN annually recognizes programs and individuals who are advancing fatherhood policy and practice throughout Minnesota - link to awards page on network website



The Columbus Urban League Father 2 Father Program was developed to help, support and encourage African-American men in their roles as fathers; The agency has a collaborative relationship with the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency, click here for a press release announcing the collaboration; The Father 2 Father program is part of CUL's African American Male Initiative.


ForeverDads in Muskingum County exists to celebrate and strengthen fatherhood.  Through a variety of programs, the agency seeks to provide resources that will help fathers acquire the skills and experiences they need to leave a lasting legacy.  Here are the Ten Ways that ForeverDads honors fathers.


The Lighthouse Youth Services REAL Dads Program hosts program Graduations, inviting noteworthy speakers and guests to honor the participants and help draw the community's attention to the celebrations of fathers completing the class;  Media coverage (print and local TV) is also used to highlight and celebrate fathers' success; program brochure


The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood launched a new Fatherhood Commitment Pledge program in the Spring of 2010.  In addition, OCF is co-sponsoring or participating in  fatherhood celebrations hosted by:  Talbert House in Cincinnati, the Mocha Moms in Cleveland , and the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative


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