Training and Technical Assistance

Does your agency, school, church or community need technical assistance or training to help you develop your own fatherhood programming?  OPNFF offers a full menu of training and technical assistance services.  Please contact us at or call 216.245.7842 to arrange for a training, technical assistance visit or forum for your agency or community.

The OPNFF Board of Directors provided a Virtual Fatherhood Practitioner Training as part of the 2020 Ohio Fatherhood Summit.  click here to view the recording

Here is a sampling of the trainings OPNFF can offer your group. We can also customize training to meet your needs:


Fatherhood Curriculum Training

1. On My Shoulders

2. Nurturing Fathers
3. 24/7 Dads
4. Father Love - new faith based fatherhod curriculum
4. Foundations of Fatherhood
5. The Art of Transformation
6. Inside-Out Dads
7. Boot Camp for New Dads
8. Breast for Success for Fathers - resources and online training
9. PATTHS for Dads - resources and online training
    (Parents Are Teaching and Talking about Healthy Sexuality)


Fatherhood Programming Topics
1. Engagement, Recruitment and Retention Tools for Working with Men and Fathers
2. Prevention of Premature Fatherhood
3. Engaging Expectant Fathers in the Childbirth Experience (for hospital personnel)
4. Father Inclusion in Child Welfare
5. Working with fathers involved in the criminal justice system (probation/parole, incarceration, reentry)
6. Father-Friendly Agency Audit
7. Outcome Development, Measurement and Evaluation


Community Engagement Topics
1. Building a Fatherhood Collaborative in your County/Community
2. Connecting Faith and Community Based Agencies with County Child Support Agencies
3. Connecting Faith and Community Based Agencies with Correctional Facilities
4. Fatherhood and Reentry Public Policy


Relationship Curriculum Training
1. Compassion Power
4. Better Together
5. Basic Training for Men

6. Ma and Pa
7. Exploring Relationships and Marriage with Fragile Families

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